Goenka College of Commerce & Business Administration
Accredited NAAC A
210, Bepin Behari Ganguly Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700012



The MBA Programme was started in the academic year 2010-11.It is affiliated to the University of Calcutta and approved by the AICTE.Students are admitted in the course through a rigorous process of screening,group discussion and personal interview.The course is divided into Four Semesters,each consisting of six months duration

Admission Criteria——————-

For unreserved Category:A candidate intending to apply for the MBA course must be an Honours Graduate of Science/Commerce/Arts with 55% marks in aggregate or a graduate of Engineering/Law with 55% marks in aggregate.

For reserved Category:10% relaxation marks for the OBC-A & B and 25% relaxation in marks for SC & ST.Applicants must have a valid C-MAT score.

No.of Seats available for admission:31(Reservation as per Government Rules)

MBA is a full time course.Students admitted in the course would not be permitted to join anmy service or accept any assignment before the completion of the course.

Commencement of Classes——————-

The first semester begins from july and ends in December.The second semester starts from january and comes to an ends in june.The third semester begins from january and ends to june.

Examination Structure——————-

The Examination schedule of different semesters of the MBA course is as follows:

1st semester:In the month of December 2nd semester : In the month of June
3rd semester : In the month of December 4th semester : In the month of june

Summer Internship——————-

As per the curriculum MBA students are required to undergo a compulsory Summer Training in different Corporate Houses for a period of four weeks at the end of the Second Semester.

Choice of Specialisation——————-

In the MBA course,the college offers three areas of specialisation,i.e.Financial Management,Markrting Management and Human Resource Management.In the 3rd semester, a student may opt for any major area of specialisation.The college does not give any guarantee that the option of specialisastion as given by the student may be accepted.This is decided by the college authority on basis of some parameters like area of specialisation,percentage of marks in the last qualifing examination,academic performance in 1st and 2nd semester,recommendation of the department etc.

Placement for MBA and other students——————-

Parallel to the academic curriculum,the college sincerely tries to provide an ideal platform to the students to get them tuned for industry requirements.In the previous academic year students from all the courses(MBA,M.Com.and B.com)participated enthusiastically in the placement drives organised by a number of iconic corporate houses.Larsen & Toubro Limited,MGH Logistics Pvt.Ltd,S & p Capital IQ,KPMG,Dynamic Digital Technology Pvt.ltd,Eximius Research,Nicco Ventures Ltd,selected our students.The compensation package has been the best in the industry,average salary offered was INR 3.5 lakhs per annum.The college has an active placement cell that makes a thorough screening of the job offers and keeps liasion with those prospective employers whose offers stand best for our students.

MBA Courses Structure/Papers for Different Semesters:
Papers for Semester-I(July-December)

Paper No. Title Modules
CP-101 Management Principles and Process I = Management Principles

II = Management Process

CP-102 Organisation Behaviour and Management of Change I = Organisation Behaviour

II= Management of Change


CP-103 Managerial Economics-I(Micro) I = Micro Economics-I

II = Micro Economics-II

CP-104 Managerial Economics-II(Macro) I = Macro Economics-I

II = Macro Economics-II

CP-105 Statistical Methods I=Statistics for Managerial Decision-I

II=Statistics for Managerial Decision-II

CP-106 Accounting for Managers I = Financial Accounting

II = Cost Accounting

CP-107 Ecology,Ethics and Business I = Ecology & Business

II = Business Ethics

CP-108 Fundamentals of Computers I = Introduction & Basics of Computer Hardware

II = Programming Principles & Business Data Processing

Papers for Semester-II(January-June)

Paper No. Title Modules
CP-201 Business Environment I =Non-Economic Environment

II = Economic Environment

CP-202 Business Policy and Strategic Management I = Business Policy

II= Strategic Management


CP-203 Financial Management I = Financial System

II = Financial Decision Process

CP-204 Marketing Management I = Marketing Management -I

II = Marketing Management -II

CP-205 Production Management & Operation Research Techniques I=Production Management

II= Operation Research Techniques

CP-206 Human Resource Management I = Human Resource Management -I

II = Human Resource Management -I

CP-207 Research Methodology & Econometrics I =Research Methodology

II = Econometrics

CP-208 MIS and Business Comunication I =Management Information System (MIS)

II = Business Comunication

Papers for Semester-III(July-December)

Marketing Management

Paper No. Title Modules
OPMM-301 Consumer Bahaviour I =Consumer Bahaviour -I

II = Consumer Bahaviour -II

OPMM-302 Advertising Management-(I) & Sales Promotion-(I) I = Advertising Management-(I)

II=Sales Promotion-(I)


OPMM-303 International Marketing I =International Marketing & International Business

II = Transnational Corporation in International Market

OPMM-304 Sectoral Marketing Management I = Non Profit Institution

II = Rural Marketing

OPMM-305 Strategic Marketing & Service Marketing I=Strategic Marketing

II= Service Marketing

OPMM-306 Industrial Marketing I = Industrial Marketing

II = Logistics in Marketing

Minor Paper-301,302

Financial Management

Paper No. Title Modules
OPFM-301 Accounting for Management I =Management Accounting

II = Management Control system

OPFM-302 Indian Financial System I =Financial institutions in india

II=Financial Markets & Instruments


OPFM-303 Financial Economics I =Economics & Management of Financial Services

II = Financial Derivatives

OPFM-304 Cost Management I = Advanced Costing

II = Working Capital Management

OPFM-305 Tax Management I=Income Tax Law

II= Tax planning

OPFM-306 Project Management & control I = Project Management & control -I

II = Project Management & control -II

Minor Paper-301,302

Human Resourc Management

Paper No. Title Modules
OPHRM-301 Managing Interpersonal & Group Process I =Interpersonal Relationship

II = Group Dynamics

OPHRM-302 Human Resource Management I = Manpower Planning

II=Selection Recruitment


OPHRM-303 Labour Economics I =Wage Theory

II =Characteristics of Labour in Less Developed Countries

OPHRM-304 Management of Industrial Relations I = Industrial Relations

II = Trade Unionism

OPHRM-305 Cross & Global Human Resource Management I=The Role of Culture

II= HRM in Modern Era

OPHRM-306 Human Resource Accounting & Compensation Management I = Human Resource Accounting

II =Compensation Management

Papers for Semester-IV(January-June)

Marketing Management

Paper No. Title Modules
OPMM-401 Sales Management I =Theories of Selling & Management

II = Retail Management

OPMM-402 Market Reserch & Assessment I = Sampling Techniques

II= Market Share & new Product Decision Theories


OPMM-403 Market Forecasting Techniques I = Trends & forecast

II =Box Jenkins models & Other Forecasting Techniques

OPMM-404 Advertising Management-(II) & Sales Promotion-(II) I =Advertising Management-(II)

II = Sales Promotion-(II) : Integrated Promotion & Public Relation

Minor Paper-401,402

Financial Management

Paper No. Title Modules
OPFM-401 Financial Management I =Financial Decision Analysis

II = Steategic Finance

OPFM-402 Investment Management I = Investment Environment

II=Security Analysis


OPFM403 International Finance I = International Finance-I

II =International Finance-II

OPFM-404 Portfolio Management I =Bond Analysis & Management

II =Portfolio Management

Minor Paper-401,402

Human Resource Management

Paper No. Title Modules
OPHRM-401 Human Resource Development I =Development & Training

II = Evaluation & appraisal

OPHRM-402 Human Resource Counselling & Discipline I = Counselling

II=Discipline Activities


OPHRM-403 Legal Framework Governing Human Relation I = Industrial Law

II =Labour Welfare Measures

OPHRM-404 Industrial Psychology I =Industrial Psychology

II =Industrial Sociology

Minor Paper-401,402

Paper No. Title Modules
CP-405 Summer project and Dissertation I= Summer Project

II = Dissertation

CP-406 Viva on Summer Project and Dissertation and Group Discussion I = Viva on Summer Project and Dissertation

II = Group Discussion