Goenka College of Commerce & Business Administration
Accredited NAAC A
210, Bepin Behari Ganguly Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700012


Research is at the core of the Institute and provides a major interface with the wider academic and professional world. It provides new theoretical frameworks that enable reassessment and refinement of current practices and thinking. Groundbreaking interdisciplinary research by the faculty feeds directly into an enhanced learning environment at the Institute and indirectly to a wider audience of practicing professionals and teachers of management. It is worth noting that most of the teachers of this College have already got their Ph.D. degrees and have a good academic career. Some of them have been supervising U.G.C. and other funding agency based Minor/Major Research Projects. Many teachers of the institute have their experience in elementary research work. A high degree of attention is paid to the relevance, breadth, and depth of research. Numerous research projects have also been conducted and already completed by the teachers. Only the running projects and information regarding those projects are given in the following table.

Sr No Name of the faculty Title  of  the  Project Duration  of  the  project Nature  of  the  funding  agency Total Grant
Sanctioned Received
1 Tapas Kr.Pal
Debt Sustainability in India 2012-13&
UGC 143,500/- 99,250/-
2 Sushil Kr.Barman
Corporate Environmental Disclosure Practices – a study of some selected cement company of India. 2010-11,2011-12,2012-13 UGC 133,000/- 116,340/-
3 Sajal Kr Maiti
Emerging Multinational: A Study on Indian I T Sector 2012-13 UGC 112,000/- 112,000/-
4 Keshab Ch.Sinha
Problem and Prospects of Agricultural Co-operatives in Hooghly District of West Bengal. 2011-12 UGC 132,000/- 130,000/-
5 Asit Biswas
Adoption of Shakespeare Drama in Bengal – A critical evaluation 2013-14 UGC 150,000/- 150,000/-
6 Dr. Sujit Kr Roy An Analysis of Socio Economic and Environmental Consequences of traditional Brick field in West Bengal 2015-17 UGC 160,000/- 130,000/-
7 Debarsi Mondal Achievement of Primary Education in West Bengal- A critical analysis. 2014-15 UGC 122500 93750
8 Tarun Sarkar
Utilisation pattern of Pedestrian Bridges in Calcutta. 2014-15 UGC 77500 38700
9 Panchanan Das
Technical adaption and survival of Jute Textile industry- A comparative study in India and Bangladesh . 2013-14 UGC 227000 227000
10 Parimal Sen Role of PPP model in key infrastructure sector in India 2011-12 UGC 132,000/- 132,000/-