Vision and Mission

The vision of Goenka College of Commerce & Business Administration is to maintain the institution as growing centre of learning while aiming at consistently high, global academic standards. As this College is a century old pre-eminent institution for commerce education in all over India, the authority is continuously and consistently endeavouring to sustain this recognition. Along with this, the College authority intends to provide inclusive education for inculcating human values and professionalism to all sections of its students, to make College education accessible to the economically disadvantaged groups of the society. Furthermore, the institution nurtures an academic and secular environment free from all kind of bias and prejudice, and it always encourages the students to achieve their potentials and strive for excellence in every field.
The mission of the college is to demonstrate excellence in the social pursuit of developing individuals as valued contributors to the society. The vision of the college is to maintain the recognition as a pre-eminent institution for commerce education in India and to concentrate on providing quality and inclusive education with individual focus and global vision. Two best practices have been identified by the college – (a) Promoting and sustaining effective teaching-learning system; and (b) Stakeholders’ involvement in quality enhancement: promoting self growth and self reliance.